Sunday, June 2, 2013

Confirmation Class 2013

2013 Confirmation Class
Today 10 of our congregation's youth were confirmed.  Our confirmation class was a special group that built friendships with each other a closer relationship with God.  Here are some pictures from this special day.  Congratulations to our confirmation class.

Getting Ready for the Service

Tanner Atkinson
Lauren Blume
Kyle Borgschatz
Betsy Cantin
Nicholas Gurnard
Kari Jacobson
Michael Kohn
Jake Paxton
Ian Wagener
Bryn Williams

The Jacobson Family celebrating Kari's Confirmation

Walter and Bryn Williams celebrating Bryn's confirmation

During the service Kari Jacobson and Bryn Williams shared musical offerings for the congregation to enjoy.


Presentation of the confirmation Class
Their Banner